The Mass Communication Department at the Uganda Christian University admits between 100-200 undergraduate students per year. The department offers a three year under graduate course leading to the award of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication. It offers specialized courses in television, radio, print, and public relations. In addition, the department runs a lively community newspaper, The Standard, and has a working relationship with Words of Hope, a radio ministry located on the University campus which is used partially as a training facility.


The Department is headed by Dr. Monica Chibita, who holds a doctorate in Communication. She is an academician with extensive administrative experience. The Mass Communication department has a well qualified teaching staff of 15 full-time and part-time lecturers. Faculty staff competencies are in both Journalism and Communication.

Individual members of staff have been involved in research in areas relating to the democratising role of the media, media education/training, media regulation and media, literature and film and climate change. The University has a clear strategy for building its library resources incrementally. It has access to major online resources such as Communication and Mass Media Complete.


The Mass Communication Department has recently reviewed its curriculum to clearly distinguish between journalism and communication, strengthen the students' Liberal Arts and theoretical base, as well as integrate content on emerging areas such as online and multi-media production. At the practical level, the Department has three production studios, a media laboratory with 40 computers and radio, TV and photo equipment used by students for practical training.

The University has several collaborative arrangements with Universities in the United States, Europe and different parts of Africa in key areas including:

1. Staff Exchange

2. Student exchange

3. Faculty development/training

4. Institutional development

5. Curriculum development

6. Collaborative research

Looking ahead, the department plans to develop a Masters of Arts program to address a growing demand from Ugandans to further their education in the field of communication and Journalism.

Courses Offered

List of Courses offered in the Department of Computing and Technology. 


Prospective Students

Welcome, incoming students to the Department of Computing, Uganda Christian University.


We have more than you will be looking for as you plan to go for further studies in the immensely changing and unpredictable Computing arena. This is precisely where we come in to guarantee that you are well equipped in order to take on this challenge. Congratulations on becoming part of the UCU community. Orientation is a time of celebration and new beginnings. We hope to provide you with all the information and details necessary for a successful transition into your life at UCU and your first year.


We are very excited to welcome you to your new home. Your stay here will be full of fun and growth, and it is our job to plan and co-ordinate events and activities that will introduce you to the people and locations in which all of this fun and growth will happen. Your Orientation will introduce you to the academic, social, and cultural environment at UCU. There are many events: some to introduce you to other students, some to feed you, and some to help you understand how to study and learn in a university setting. But it's safe to say that the purpose of all the events is to make you feel comfortable and excited about your stay here.


We hope you see your arrival on our campus as something to celebrate and the beginning of the many exciting things you will experience as you enter the world of higher education and university life. This celebration will be what you make it, but know that there are lots of people waiting for you to arrive so that we can help you along the way if you need it.



University-wide Staff Resources


To find contact information for our Faculty staff, use the public Uganda Christian University directory. The links below provide pathways for staff resources and information. More information can be found on the websites of each faculty or in the Staff & Administration section of the main website.


Click here Faculty Staff Directory for resource.


For ease of access, these have been organized for both view and download according to years!





Computer Science

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Computational Science




Information Technology

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Information Technology (Dip)







The Department of Computing and Technology is committed to expanding its global leadership in computer science and communications technology research by engaging the best and brightest faculty and students and creating a supportive environment in which to pursue the next great advances - whether at the core of the field, or in multi-disciplinary initiatives that address humankind's greatest challenges through the transformative power of computing.


Student success is our priority and is the foundation on which the reputations of Department of Computing and Technolgy  and its faculty members are built. Our undergraduate students - the majority of whom participate in faculty-supervised research - power the leading companies and populate the leading graduate programs. Our graduate program alumnis are leaders in industry and academia. Over the years our faculty members have been nationally and internationally recognized for excellence.





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